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Pilot Media Initiatives was founded to bring to scale innovative media projects in high impact societies. Our values and approach are informed by years of experience from PMI’s core team in creating Emmy and Peabody award-winning TV shows, radio programs, and sustainable media development projects.


After collaborating together in the Kyrgyz Republic, PMI's leadership saw potential in piloting popular and engaging media in emerging markets. Our expertise draws from complementary spheres to ensure all angles are covered.


PMI is a registered S-Corp social enterprise in the state of New York.

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Dillon Case, Co-Founder and CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO, Dillon Case shapes PMI's strategy and oversees organizational management. He firmly believes in the power of media to inform peoples' attitudes and behavior as part of a healthy democracy. His vision for harnessing popular media formats for international development objectives drives PMI's mandate and programming.

Dillon has helped produce compelling TV shows and media campaigns in the Balkans, Central Asia, and West Africa. Before PMI, Dillon worked in complex crises and post-conflict operations around the world with such organizations as the OSCE, UN, IOM and USAID.

Kevin Bleyer, Co-Founder

PMI Co-Founder Kevin Bleyer spent most of the last decade as a writer for the satirical news program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he won four Primetime Emmys and the show became the most consecutive Emmy-winning program in television history.  With over 20 years of experience writing and producing political and news satire for popular TV shows including Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller, Kevin is one of the most versed satirists of his generation.


In 2008, Kevin became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a Truman National Security Project Fellow who has helped launch a political satire television program in Kyrgyzstan and produced satirical segments direct from war-torn Iraq.

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Neil McCafferty, Producer Specialist

Neil McCafferty works with PMI as a Producer Specialist. Neil has worked in the media industry all over the world setting up radio, TV stations and web operations. He has set up broadcasters after (and sometimes during) wars and armed conflict and worked on projects for the US and UK Governments.

Neil is an expert in production modernization (setting up media operators using the latest kit and tricks), an experienced 'videographer' (cameraman/editor) and film-maker. His specialties lie in filming, editing, journalism/production (radio, TV, web), media management, and end-end project management. Neil has worked in Nigeria, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, East Timor, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, and many more!

Graeme Moreland, Marketing, Sustainability & Audience Insights Specialist

Graeme Moreland heads PMI's Marketing, Sustainability and Audience Insights Section. He is a media strategy consultant with a 20-year record of advising and helping TV channels and news organizations develop clear, dynamic and effective strategies to create distinctive and robust media brands. Clients range from global TV and news organizations, national and regional channels to new-starts in the world’s most competitive media markets. His experience spans 41 countries including the USA, Europe, Middle East, The Gulf, South East and Central Asia, South and West Africa.


Graeme’s holistic approach to developing successful media brands has audience and consumer insight, content creativity and marketing at its heart. Specialized and integrated support includes using the latest viewer insight tools and methodologies to inform channel strategy, brand and content creation and development, as well as news strategy, scheduling and promotional tactics to realize the highest potential program ratings and channel viewing shares. This strategic support continues through to marketing the brand proposition to TV audiences, multi-platform consumers, advertising agencies, media buyers and sponsors. Graeme also serves on PMI's Advisory Board.

Jason Wishnow, Director Specialist

Jason Wishnow serves as PMI's Director Specialist. He is the filmmaker behind TED Talks, the Peabody Award winning video series watched over one billion times (even in outer space).

Wishnow works at the intersection of film and emerging technologies and has been called “no stranger to difficult shoots” (Wired UK, 2014), an “online-video virtuoso” (New York Times, 2009), the “enfant terrible of digital film” (The Guardian, 2000), and one of the ten most influential digital filmmakers of 1999 (RES Magazine).

Prior to joining TED, Wishnow founded one of the first film websites, The New Venue, in the mid-’90s, an entire decade before YouTube. In 2000, Wishnow organized the first handheld/mobile film festival, The Aggressively Boring Film Festival, named after the technical limitations of its time.

Ned Rice, Writer Specialist

Ned Rice is PMI's Writer Specialist. Over the course of three decades of writing for television, Ned has written for such shows as Politically Incorrect, The Chevy Chase Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Real Time with Bill Maher.

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Advisory Board

Keli Dailey

Keli is a veteran journalist and news satire educator at Saint Mary's College of California. In addition to delivering presentations on the journalistic value of news and political satire at such events as SXSW, she has produced, starred and written in the short-form political satire series News Hangover.

Matt Willis

Having served with the military and the United Nations for over 20 years, Matt is a strategic planning and crisis management specialist with experience working in or on complex emergencies in Afghanistan, Darfur, the Ebola outbreak, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

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