Para Llevar


Latin America

PMI, alongside co-creator Plop Media, produced Latin America's freshest travel/food TV show with a comedic twist, Para Llevar. Hosted by Joanna Hausmann and Ricardo O'Farrill, Para Llevar explores how food around the world expresses its unique culture, people and politics. With support from the Soros Foundation, Para Llevar has been able to help draw attention and donations to local food kitchens throughout Venezuela.  


Entertainment TV



In partnership with IREX, PMI is assisting content creators and distributors in Moldova to foster a sustainable growth-oriented environment in the local creative television industry. Spanning a range of formats including travel, cooking, drama, comedy, reality and competition, PMI is providing strategic and technical assistance. This project is funded by the US Embassy in Moldova.


GOTV Campaign NDI


PMI partnered with local organizations to amplify the Vote Not Fight get out the vote campaigns in Nigeria. Hot button issues such as fake news, election violence, vote buying, voter registration and inclusive voting were addressed through spots on TV, radio, Internet, billboards and SMS blasts. The targeted and cost-effective campaign, supported by NDI, USAID, and UKAID, elevated awareness by 25%.  Learn more about our impact.


The Other News

Channels TV


With support from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, PMI partnered with Channels TV to produce Nigeria's landmark news and political satire TV show, The Other News. Hosted by Okey Bakassi, The Other News holds truth to power through humor. Over the course of its first season it became the most watched show in its time slot, and was picked up by local sponsors for additional seasons. By blending news with satire, the show surpassed its mission to inform and involve Nigerian youth in current affairs. Learn more about our impact.



Nova TV


In partnership with USAID and Nova TV, PMI was brought in to Macedonia in 2015 to provide technical assistance to local satirists and TV producers in creating Kontravesti (Counter News). Despite the restrictive media environment in Macedonia, Kontravesti satirized local news and enhanced viewers media literacy.


Studio 7



In 2013, PMI founders worked together in Kyrgyzstan on the locally produced news and political satire TV show, Studio 7. The pioneering show influenced attitudes about transparency, accountability and gains made in the country's democratic process. Guests ranged from politicians, to artists and celebrities who weighed in on topical national discussions. The pilot season was jointly supported by USAID, the HTC channel, and the KG club OkOy production studios.

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