is a  social enterprise committed to enhancing attitudes and behavior through innovative and popular media. With a focus on entertaining formats, we promote:

• Media Development

• Audience Engagement

• Media Literacy

• Market Metric Transparency

• Freedom of Expression


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We foster democratic principles in emerging international markets through entertaining, informative, engaging, and financially sustainable media programs. PMI strives to harness popular media as a vehicle for improving freedom of expression, inspiring accountable governance, and encouraging democratic principles as part of a discursive society. We strengthen the capacity of local teams in emerging markets to produce compelling and sustainable media that appeals to target demographics.

Grounded in the belief that political efficacy leads to more participatory governance, our news and political satire media programs engage citizens and decision-makers on pressing national issues. The digitally integrated programs have potential to become major sources of current affairs for audiences while modeling  sustainable business practices through sophisticated marketing.

Through political satire and discussions with guests about current events, the news and political satire media format enables viewers to consider sensitive issues from alternative perspectives. The genre performs an important role in holding political and media actors accountable, and enhancing audiences' ability to think critically about their own political attitudes, knowledge and behavior. Its appeal is grounded in entertainment and comedy, while its impact lies in substantive commentary on political discourse and sensational media.


Growing research on the effects of news and political satire highlights its impact on an informed, critical and participatory citizenry. Findings show viewers improve their political attentiveness, motivation to seek information, knowledge, efficacy and participation in civic activities. News and political satire attracts and retains audiences 18-35 years-old undergoing political socialization.


In the United States, such shows as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/Trevor Noah, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver have generated large and loyal audience bases, provided information about current affairs, and advocated for accountable governance and democratic causes. They have been woven into the fabric of America’s political media culture. Learn more about PMI's impact.

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Media Literacy


Market Metric Transparency

Our services

creative & technical

Through applied training and mentoring, we strengthen local teams' skill sets to create quality content at high production standards.

marketing & Business

PMI develops informed marketing plans to generate profit and sustainability while boosting audience loyalty.

research & evaluation

We harness mixed research methods to capture impact, incorporate feedback, and demonstrate reach.



PMI houses a world class team of Emmy and Peabody award-winning writers and producers, media and marketing strategists, and international development specialists. In combining a pool of diverse experts, new technologies and tailored approaches to partner needs, PMI is well equipped to provide a comprehensive package of services. Our clients include public sector partners as well as private media outlets. Learn more.

PMI employs an iterative approach to provide a service package that is flexible and specific to client needs.

Local Capacity: Strengthen professional and managerial skills of counterparts through side-by-side collaboration.

Sustainability: Incentivize teams to deliver on social impact, build a loyal fan base, and lock in marketing revenues.

Transparency: Shift from donor dependence to self-reliance through financial transparency to advertisers and sponsors.

Gender & Diversity: Model gender balance and diversity through team composition.

Editorial Independence: Preserve creator integrity and ownership through editorial independence.

Attitude & Behavior Change: Promote critical thought and civic engagement by influencing attitudes that drive behavior.

Data-Driven: Apply mixed research methods to create feedback loops, measure reach, and demonstrate impact.

Cost-Effective: Produce affordable content to foster sustainability.


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