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PMI Joints the Global Forum for Media Development

The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) - an international membership network of media assistance groups that highlights the importance of independent, pluralistic and sustainable media in social and economic development - welcomed Pilot Media Initiatives to its community in April 2016. PMI is both delighted and honored to join the GFMD.

GFMD members share a common goal to foster free, professional and pluralistic media, leading to more open societies, greater transparency and enhanced freedom of expression. GFMD’s aims foster:

  • Collaboration: Creating a network to advocate for support from donors, governments, opinion leaders and the wider public.

  • Knowledge: Promoting and disseminating research and analysis on the impact of media in social and economic development.

  • Professionalization: Establishing agreed-upon standards and ethics for media worldwide.

  • Shared learning: Evaluating media development work to identify and advance best practices and new technologies.

PMI eagerly looks forward to collaborating with the GFMD in our shared efforts to advance the field of international media development.


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